Trying Holy Moly Cloths

Trying Holy Moly Cloths

We all know that using chemicals to clean can be dangerous to our health and our family. But we know that if we want it to be clean, Avoiding these products can be hard. Over the years we all have been conditioned to believe that we need cleaning chemicals to clean. Not true.

Holy Moly Concepts LLC a Florida based company has developed a cloth called Holy Moly Glass Cleaning Cloth. This cloth works so well that it cleans any surface with water, Windows, Mirrors, Stainless steel, you name it.

JUST WET IT, WRING IT, AND WIPE IT, with water. Now you can wet the cloth with white vinegar which will help to kill most germs. The cloth is 16×15″ pure white and they can cost as low as $2.15 per cloth and can be washed over and over again the more you buy the more you save #glasscleaningmadesimple 877-754-1265

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  1. I have been using my Holy Moly glass cleaning cloth for years! I love this product!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have used Holy Moly cloths for several years now and LOVE them! They make cleaning windows and smooth surfaces so easy. One of my favorite uses is to wring one cloth out and ensure there is no dripping water and then clean my laptop screen, it is amazing how dirty it gets! Thanks Holy Moly , I am a loyal customer.

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