• Is it safe to use my credit card online?

    Yes, we have a secure site using SSL encryption. You can feel assured that no one else will be able to view your credit card information or other personal information.

  • If I do not see a product listed that I want, can I place a special order?

    Yes, we can place special orders on specific products. Then call our order line (877) 754-1265.

  • What if I need to contact someone?

    Click on the "Contact Us" button to the menu.

  • I have never purchased anything online before. How do I use the shopping cart?

    The shopping cart is simple. When you wish to purchase an item, click the "add to my cart" button at the bottom of the product. That product will then be added to your shopping cart. After adding the product to your shopping cart, just follow the instructions that appear at the bottom of the shopping cart page.

  • How do I get my free HOLY MOLY CLEANING CLOTHS for life?

    1. Return the mailing tube (include empty glass booster if you want this re-filled) , be sure to complete your contact details on the label and include a check for $7.95 for return processing and handling. Add the required postage – we recommend you send it first class mail and return to us,. We will then send 3 cloths and the glass booster filled with the concentrate back to you. If you order online , only 2 cloths will be shipped as the tube is unreturned.

    2. Order online – go to (insert link to re-fills- can you add this link ), insert the promotional code on the back of the label in your original kit. Pay online with your credit card for the $7.95 for handling and processing. Note if you order online only 2 cloths will be returned per re-order.

  • What does "Free cloths for life" mean?

    This means you have access to up to 10 re-fill orders per kit.

  • How do I use my Holy Moly Cloths?

    • Wet white cloth and wring out

    • Wipe the surface you wish to clean

    • Dry with the colored cloth

  • When do I use the glass booster spray?

    When you receive your kit, fill the bottle with water to activate the glass booster solution. Use the glass booster on hard to clean glass, windows and mirrors. Wipe with a damp Holy Moly cloth and use a dry Holy Moly cloth to finish and shine.

  • What can I use my Holy Moly cloth for?

    The Holy Moly cloth has many uses which include motor homes, car windows, chrome, computer screens, motorcycles, stainless steel, tile, vinyl, windows, counter tops, granite, glass stove stops and mirrors.

  • Can I wash my Holy Moly Cloths and Super Shammys?

    Yes, you can wash with detergent or bleach or both. Do not machine dry – ensure to air dry to maintain the integrity of the cloth.

  • What are the dimensions of the Holy Moly Super Shammy cloths? Can I cut them?

    The large Shammy towels are 20 x 23.5 inches and the minis are 15 x 15 inches You can cut the large ones in half to use as a bath mat, drain your dishes, under your crisper to keep the veggies fresh, and even make smaller ones for dish rags.

  • Will the Super Shammy scratch surfaces?

    The Shammy cloths will not scratch surfaces as long as the shammy is clean. Any direct trapped in the cloth may cause scratching. It is made with a cloth-like material (100% rayon) that turns when wet has a soft leathery feel to prevent surface scratching.

  • How long will the Super Shammy last?

    Holy Moly cleaning cloths will last up to 5 years with normal use.

    Holy Moly Shammy are under warranty the towels for 10 years. We have had reports of people having a similar product that would last over 20 years. If anything happens within 10 years to the product, we would fully exchange the product. However, there is a $7.95 Shipping and Handling fee.

  • Will I ever have to buy paper towels again?

    You may never need to use paper towels again, you now have your Holy Moly Shammy to use for cleaning all surfaces to include: counter tops, dishes, windows, polishing, dusting, and many other everyday uses.

  • Can I dry sweaters with the Holy Moly Super Shammy ?

    Yes. Place a wet sweater on the large Holy Moly Super Shammy, roll the wet sweater tight and place a rubber band around it. In a few hours it will dry your sweaters in half the time!

  • Can I use the XCEL All Purpose Cleaner in a carpet cleaning machine?

    Yes you can, but you must use much less, due to the fact that XCEL cleaner foams. We recommend in a spray and vac machine use 1-2 table spoons per gallon.

  • How do I spot clean with XCEL cleaner?

    Mix 1 or more tablespoons with 8oz’s of hot water. Place in a spray bottle. Spray, brush, blot. To avoid spot returning spray white vinegar on the stain immediately after using the Xcel cleaner, then blot with clean white towel.

  • Can the XCEL cleaner be used on wool?

    Yes, But you must test first!

  • Will the Xcel cleaner fade my painted car?

    No, Xcel is safe on all painted surfaces.

  • My child got the Xcel cleaner in their eyes, What should I do?

    Flush with plenty water. If irritation should continue Consult poison control in your local area.

  • How do I use my Xcel cleaner?

    Machine use: Rinse & Vac Steam machine, All Extraction units, Store rentals:

    • Use two tablespoons of Xcel cleaner to 1 gallon of hot water.

    ??• For heavily solied areas use up to 4 tablespoons.

    ??Shampoo machine:

    ??• 4-6 tablespoons to 1 gallon of hot water.

    ??Spot Cleaning:

    ??• Dissolve 1-2 Tablespoons of Xcel cleaner to 8oz of hot water in a spray bottle.

    ??• Spray, Brush, and Blot.

    ??• Repeat until spot is gone.

    ??• If spot is not lifted somewhat on the first try, place the spray bottle in the microwave for 20 seconds or so, and heat the solution, (do not boil).

    ??• Use caution when applying any hot solution.

    ??• Make sure that the spray cap is removed.

    ??• Apply hot solution to spotted area then BLOT.

    ??Manual Cleaning:

    ??• Mix 1/2-1 cup per gallon of hot water in bucket.

    ??• Agitate to make a foam.

    ??• Apply foam only.

    ??• Try to avoid over wetting.

    ??(These are only guidelines. The user assumes all risk. Always keep out of reach of children)

  • Will the Holy Moly Sweep N Mop head fit a other PVA mops?

    Yes - just check your mop to see if you have two screws on the right and two screws on the left, if so the Holy Moly PVA mop head will fit in most cases.

  • My mop head came apart can i fixed it?

    No! If the mop head comes out of the metal bracket you have to change the mop head. This will usually occur if the mop head was pulled back when hard. It is very important to ensure the mop head is soft and wet before pulling back on the handle. If it is even little hard it will separate from the metal bracket.

  • How do I change the mop head?

    There are two screws on the left side and two screws on the right side. You need to remove take these screws, line up the new mop head and screw the screws into the new mop head.

  • Why does the HOLY MOLY SWEEP "N" MOP get hard when it is dry?

    It gets hard to prevent bacterial growth from forming and odors. Never pull the handle back unless the mop is wet – this will cause damage to your mop, ensure the mop is wet before pulling the handle back.

  • When will my order arrive?

    Standard shipping, processing, and handling takes about 3 to 4 weeks from the day you order. Sometimes sooner but you should allow at least 3 weeks for the package to arrive.

  • How do I return your product?

    Return the product to the place of sale or mail the product back to XCEL including the required shipping and handling fee – see warranty information. All Holy Moly representatives are required to give satisfaction guaranteed.

    If you feel that this site is not following its stated information policy, you may contact us at the above addresses or phone number, state or local chapters of the Better Business Bureau, state or local consumer protection office.